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Boarding House in a Building built originally end 19th Century

In northern Hungary, on the banks of the Ipoly, the Slovakian-Hungarian border river, in the center of Balassagyarmat, a historic village with about 15,000 inhabitants, located in a hilly and forested environment, the CLUB Panzió was established in the building of a former mansion.

Currently, this is one of the accommodations in the city of Balassagyarmat, which operates continuously, 12 months of the year. With its tasteful, decent equipment, it was possible to create a high-quality, cozy environment for the hotel guests who - because of their work - may be staying here for weeks or even months or for tourists.

One of the outstanding sights of the city is the Monument Orthodox Jewish Cemetery There are gravestones even from the 1700s, including hundreds of Kohen and Levitical graves, in the monument cemetery.

Itt van The only Bycicle Museum in Central Europe can also be found here,Visitors can admire 250 different bikes here. The jewel of the exhibition is an original French Michaux machine from the 1850s, the oldest exhibited object being a PET.

This is a pet-friendly guesthouse, our guests are allowed to bring their pets with them.

Garden, shady terrace and common rooms

The guest house offers a well-kept garden, a large, shady terrace and separate rooms where social activities can be carried out too.

Occasionally, once agreed, we rent out our premises ( including the use of the kitchen) to external parties too - we also operate as an event hall.


    Rooms and prices 17 rooms, 40+ guests

    Double room

    Private bathroom

    Two separate beds or one double bed

    Breakfast is not included in the price!

    Double room price: HUF 15,000/night

    Room with three beds

    Private bathroom

    Three separate beds or a double bed plus a separate one

    Breakfast is not included in the price!

    Price of a room with three beds: HUF 20,000/night

    Room with four beds

    The same as the previous with an extra bed

    Breakfast is not included in the price!


    Room with four beds: HUF 22,000/night

    Bycicle tourism

    The city is a paradise for cyclists, one can discover uncountable tourist attractions in Slovakia and Hungary during the bike tours starting from here.

    50 castles, 6 spas and other natural (e.g. geological) wonders in a 100 km radius offer visitors a rich array of attractions.

    Our guests are accommodated in well-equipped rooms with two, three or four beds. We also provide meals and takeaway food packages for hikers. Closed and covered bicycle storage, high-pressure washing and bicycle repair facilities are also available here for the cyclists.

    The owner of the Bicycle Museum also operates a bicycle rental service.        

    Safe and comfortable hiking is ensured by numerous (free) downloadable applications.

    The nearest point of EuroVelo 6 is only 62.2 km from the museum, making it easily accessible and an excellent opportunity to join the European cycling movement

    2024. január 1.-től a SZÉP-kártyák is elfogadásra kerülnek

    In case of a longer stay, the price may be subject to a separate agreement.

    Our equipment we can provide:

    Free WiFi
    Free use of closed parking
    Free use of computer, printer, scanner at the reception
    Cooking facilities and use of refrigerators
    Washing and ironing facilities
    Renting of premises
    Check-in and check-out

    You can check in to the boarding house personally, by phone, or (and we recommend this the most) in writing. The "check-in" should preferably take place during the day after 14.00!

    Cancellation of reservation

    Please cancel the reservation at least 24.00 hours before the planned arrival time. The same applies to guests staying here if they leave before the agreed time, not due to some unexpected event.

    Rules of the house

    We insist on maintaining a friendly, calm, relaxing environment for our guests.

    Useful information

    Accessibility, shopping opportunities and attractions

    Dining options

    There are restaurants and pizzerias in the city, which - on request - also undertake home delivery.

    Sights, hiking

    One can see The 1st Bicycle Museum,the only institution of this kind in Hungary. and Cerntral Europe

    in Balassagyarmat. The city is the very centre of the Ipoly tour system, by which – touring cyclists – can walk along the memories created by history, the cultural heritage, and tourist attractions in the surroundings of the river from the source to the mouth.

    Shopping opportunities

    A few minutes walk to TESCO, LIDL, ALDI, PENNY M. and SPAR, as well as other very well-equipped shops and department stores


    Both the central bus station and the train station are just a few minutes away from the guesthouse. 

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    36 35 886 567, -30 487 8790
    2660 Balassagyarmat, Teleki u. 14.